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  Uncle Toad’s Media Group has been on the forefront of consumable media for the last 20 years.

UTMG is at the cutting edge of quality production in Live Webcast. It’s not just about bringing the production to the event, it’s about how you bring it, the impact to the space for the people that are there live and virtually, the ease of integration for the client cannot be ignored. This is the tip of the iceberg. It gives us insight to more than just what great content it, it’s a window into our user’s interaction with us at a personal level. We know exactly who they are and what they want, and they want more. In today’s intake of content a live webcast is not enough, our viewers want to see the whole story as if they are they’re there, and we owe it to them, and even when they are live in person, they want more. From beautifully storied content shot and edited by the best teams in the space, to behind the scenes with athletes and on screen talent, to the still photographers showcasing their talents on instagram, it’s an all out out visual symphony for our viewers. The future of content is allowing viewers to make more decisions on how to ingest their content on a multi layered level; the future is not just multi tasking, it is the multi tasking of video on an active passive level,  UTMG is here to provide the avenues to allow them to take in as much or little as they want to curate their own experience.

It’s about knowing the users and expanding the content to where they are as the technology and generations change.

UTMG has been there for some of action sports greatest moments, Live, we’ve fine tuned this skill in knowing how to tell a story as it happens. Imagine what could happen if we plan it in advance, there’s a reason we consistently are brought back for the Triple Crown of Surfing, the epicenter of new careers for the surf industry. UTMG is a mobile think tank, experts in reaction, and that only happens when the backroom of production, the spinal column is in lockstep; able to mobilize and adjust as the conditions do.

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