2016 Vans Park Series

The relationship with Vans and the core of Uncle Toad’s goes back over a decade. So naturally when Vans proposed the idea of a new world skate tour, we knew that collaborating with the originators of skate culture would only result in a killer, hair-raising series acclaimed by both skaters and fans. The 2016 Vans Pro Skate Park Series was the first of it’s kind – a combination of bowl skating and park features coupled with a global tour of the world’s best skaters.  Knowing that this skate series would eventually grow into the Olympic preliminaries just upped the ante.

Project deliverables:

Global World Tour Logistics

Run of Show Development

Creative Services

Graphics Development + Integration

Live Broadcast

Virtual Reality Video

International Crew Management

Streaming Services

Digital Asset Management

Post Production

Talent Management


Each tour stop presented at least one solid test of our fortitude, as we battled unseasonably cold weather, rain delays, and cross-examinations through customs. Now, bare in mind that the events team at Vans had to create a brand new and unique venue for each of these world tour stops.  As the Vans team constructed the setting, the Uncle Toad’s team simultaneously and swiftly erected our full service broadcast production, ever so quietly in the background.  Crossing boarders with carnet in production trucks, driving and flying tireless miles, trudging through mud, slogging through rain squalls, and scaling scaffold were just a few of the trials we endured while on tour. As if the physical trials weren’t toilsome enough – even more tough would be the ambitious feat of raising a fan base from the ground level.  This would be the first tour of it’s kind and it was up to Uncle Toad’s to corral the endemic core youth audience straight out of the dark- a feat that some might have deemed impossible. After an action packed global expedition through Melbourne, Australia; Floripa, Brazil; Vancouver, Canada; and Huntington Beach, USA – we found ourselves in Malmo, Sweden, to tackle the first ever Vans Park Series World Championship and throughout the year more and more supporters tuned in.



It’s hard to pinpoint the ultimate highlight of this incredible new and unique genre of action sports. The group of professional skaters undeniably rose the level of what we have come to know as “Park Skating” over the course of one short year.  This sport is now an official bid for the 2020 Olympics and we are proud to stake claims on the growth of this genre in skateboarding.  Through the mass media channels of webcasting, facebook live, youtube, and VR we were able to showcase this stellar group of skaters to their families, friends, super fans, and to even the unseasoned enthusiast who found themselves taking a liking to this intense and electric sport – perhaps just through a simple click while searching through a friend’s feed. Since 2016, The Vans Pro Skate Park Series is touted as one of the greatest skate events to date.  We feel that creative direction aimed directly to the end user and strategies to engage the core audience resulted in a truly authentic product.


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