2017 Nike X NBA Launch

Nike has established a deep rooted relationship with the NBA dating back to 1972 when the very first Nike Basketball shoe was released. In 2017, Nike secured their Alliance with the NBA when they announced their succession as the official producer of the Association’s jerseys and warm up gear.

Project deliverables:

Run of Show Development

Creative Services

Live Broadcast

On Site Commercial Production

Streaming Services

Social TV Experence

Digital Asset Management

Post Production



Uncle Toad’s team joined forces with Nike to release their new product in a way that had never before been witnessed. Our challenge was to capture the authenticity as well as the innovation of this cutting edge new product line. This unveiling was more than just a mannequin with a new jersey on it – this was a reveal unlike any other in the history of the NBA Jersey – an event that would resonate with fans and athletes around the globe. The biggest question was, how would we convey this monumental event to the public? This was the vision of Willo Perron: a black box theater 4th-wall breaking 360 experience, endorsed by Nike and displayed proudly by 30 of the NBA’s top athletes. We had to somehow give the viewers at home the same opportunity to experience this jersey launch in real time, and translate it through a traditional broadcast.

Uncle Toad’s answered the call to capture this experience with dynamic camera coverage from the ground and sky for the home audience to witness. Treated to a perfectly mixed track by producer Mike Dean, the newest generation of NBA team uniforms were unveiled as 3 giant monolithic screens moved about the massive sound stage before a group of select invitees. Broadcasting live to Facebook and NBA TV, the fans across a multitude of generations and media outlets had access to the event live in the palm of their hands. The final hurdle? Enticing our Millennials and Gen Z to tune in – by surprising them with an unannounced performance by rapper, Travis Scott. Joined by 50 of his top fans (who were bussed in complements of a twitter fan contest) Travis Scott brought the house down and closed out the show with an impressive and colorful exhibition.

The end product was an unforgettable experience for the athletes, the fans and the viewers. In regards to the NBA and Basketball, Chairman CEO and President of NIKE, Inc. Mark Parker said, “After helping fuel the sport’s impact for years, we are thrilled to now be able to push the boundaries of what’s possible directly with the NBA.” The act of launching the jerseys to the public left a similar impact on us as a team. We were thrilled to have been a part of such a unique and radical event.

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